Bardot was the first creation of the POPSTARS series in 2000. It originally consisted of 5 girls (Laying down L-R, Sophie Monk and Katie Underwood, in the middle is Belinda Chapple and the two sitting up, L-R are Tiffany Wood and Sally Polihronas). During the process, Chantelle Barry was chosen to become a member of this band but had to leave because she was said to have stolen money from the other 4 girls. Tiffany was the girl to replace her. Their 1st single, Poison shot straight to number 1 and stayed at that spot for 2 weeks. Their album, self titled Bardot, also went to number 1. After the 1st year of being together, Katie Underwood announced that she would leave the group to do a production called Hair. Hair was cancelled due to poor ticket sales. A short while after Katie left, the four remaining girls released a hit single named A.S.A.P. Which was followed by their 2nd album, "Play it like that". 2 more hit singles followed this album - "I need somebody" and "Love will find a way". After 2 years of success, Bardot officially announced that they have split. Katie Underwood has now started a solo career in which she released 2 singles called 'Beautiful' and 'Magic' with Disco Montego (Formerly known as Kaylan, the writers of some Bardot songs!'. She is also an "angel" on the channel 7 series, Undercover Angels. Also hitting Australia with a new solo career is Sophie Monk, who has released a hit single called 'Inside Outside'.