Scandal'Us is the second creation of the POPSTARS series in 2001, consisting of 5 members. (L-R top are Simon Ditcham Tamara Jaber and Anna Belperio, L-R bottom are Daniela Scala and Jason Bird). Their 1st single, "Me, Myself and I" was a huge hit, shooting straight to number one and breaking a record by staying there for 3 weeks. This was followed by an album, Startin' Somethin' and a single, 'Make me crazy'. Me, Myself & I also shocked Australia by being announced the Highest Selling Single for 2001 and they won an Aria award. Even though Scandal'Us were said to be more talented than Bardot (All five can play instruments) the group didn't last very long. In June 2002, Tamara Jaber announced that the group had split. This has been shocking news to their fans who were not only looking forward to their next single but a national tour, in which they still haven't done! The only news of a solo career is of Tamara Jaber's, with her single being played on the Hot 30 countdown.